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A floor scale is one of the best weighing solutions for heavy objects that you don’t want to lift. Before you purchase industrial floor scales in Red Deer, there are a few important points to consider. You need to know if the scale will meet the required quality or precision requirements for your business.

Unlike a lab scale that is used for quality assurance work, your floor scale will be weighing heavy products before they are shipped out of your company or when you are receiving a heavy stock of raw materials. So you need to ensure that they are accurate and durable. These are the important factors you should consider when you are buying new floor scales in Red Deer.

Load Cell Design

The load cell is the part of the scale that changes the force of the load you place on the scale into an electrical signal through strain gauges. Most premium quality floor scales will run their load cell cables through protected channels beneath the scale. This design is supposed to protect the cable from getting damaged. It is a sign of superior quality as the better the support for the scale, the more durable it will be.

Measurement Canada Approval

If you use your scale to weigh hundreds of batches of goods daily, you need to invest in a government approved scale. This is particularly important if you distribute goods that are priced by weight. In Canada, Measurement Canada does not approve lab scales but they are responsible for approving scales that are part of trucks and other vehicles.

A scale that has Measurement Canada’s approval may cost a little more but it will perform well and be more reliable and durable. This approval is the equivalent of the NTEP approval that is used for scales produced in the U.S. The purpose of the evaluation is to check the design, features, and performance of weighing and measuring devices for compliance with provisions of the Weights and Measures Act.

Accessibility of the Scale

Ensure that the design of the floor scale will enhance maximum accessibility. Whether you want to be fixed to a truck or mobile, the loading and unloading of the scale should be easy and convenient, for the operator, just like you can easily access the controls of a lab scale or balance. Also, the design of the scale should allow for easy maintenance and cleaning.
Digital Readouts

The display or readout of the scale must show the weight of the items on the scale in a bold and clear way. High quality readouts usually come in a stainless steel casing and have a full keypad and weight display. They use both AC power and battery.

Overall Quality

The most useful floor scales in Red Deer will give you reliable and accurate readings, and enhance productivity and uptime. To ensure that you have the best results, you must select a scale that offers the best precision and accuracy. Also bear in mind that the weight capacity should be able to take the highest load you plan to weigh.

Those are some of the most important points to consider when you need new floor scales in Red Deer. A high quality scale will serve as a good investment that will deliver accurate results and optimum productivity.