Daycare facilities are established essentially to offer a caring environment for young children while their parents are away at work or for other commitments that prevent them from being able to care for them full time. The only stipulation is that parents have to be open to leaving the children with competent staff for a certain period of time. The parents and/or guardians have to be confident that their children will be happy and safe in these facilities. However, parents should be very careful when choosing daycare facilities for their children. It is important to do some research to find a Calgary daycare facility that will be suitable for your child. Here are some essential daycare factors that parents and guardians should look out for when selecting a daycare for the first time:

Look for a licensed and reputable daycare facility that can prove the quality of service it will offer your kid. This will ensure they enjoy a healthy environment, happiness and the proper development of your child. Meet with the directors of a few potential facilities and learn about their credentials. You should also check the background of the staff and/or volunteers who will be working closely with the children at the facility. You should also check the number of children that have enrolled in the facility to determine their ability and dedication to proper early childhood development and education. Confirm that the facility offers preschool learning programs that are suitable for your child.

Find out the type of play equipment being used at a potential facility, the amount of space available to the kids for games and other activities, the sanitation and hygiene levels of the facility, and the kinds of meals offered to children. Inform them about any allergies that your child might have and confirm the capacity of the staff to deal with them or any other medical issues. A good Calgary daycare facility will have properly trained staff who can administer first-aid and CPR.

Ask about a daycare facility’s emergency plan, as well as fire safety program for kids’ safety should a fire or any other emergency occur. It is important to establish that a daycare has adequate knowledge and training to deal with all kinds of emergencies before admitting your child. You will be at peace knowing that your child is in a safe place when you are away for work or any other commitment.

Do not hesitate to ask about the disciplinary actions that are taken for kids who do not follow the set routine, from learning the structured activities to good habits and new rules. You should be comfortable with the kind of disciplinary actions taken in a facility you are about to choose for your child. Check for potty training techniques if your child is in that stage already. You should also check if a potential facility offers preschool learning for children.

Finally, check on the safety of the daycare rooms. Take your time and check out the rooms to ensure that they are safe for children. Proper sleep, play, learning and an outdoor activity zone should be available in the Calgary daycare that you choose for your dear child.