As search engines mature they are becoming more and more focussed on delivering a high-quality user experience to internet searchers. So how can you be sure that your own site would be considered high-quality in the eyes of the search engines?

A high-quality site is important because it is a major factor in where any particular search engine will position the site when someone searches for one of your targeted keywords. But a high-quality site as far as the search engines are concerned does not mean one that looks and feels slick with a well-designed visual layout and graphics but rather one that has good quality text that is updated regularly.

The best sites give both a good visual experience and interesting, trustworthy information so that both human users and programs that crawl the site are kept happy in equal measure.

No search engine company will give away the exact details of the algorithm they use to determine which website ranks in which position in the search listings. Clearly they do not want unscrupulous individuals manipulating sites to give them undeserved high rankings, which would reflect badly on the reputation of the search engine company. However, they do offer advice that, if followed, will put your website in a strong position.

So when your SEO consultant is creating or reviewing your content with the aim of improving your site as part of an digital marketing program then consider the following factors if you want to be confident of generating high-quality content.

  • Provide information that is genuinely interesting
  • Do not have content on different pages that says the same thing using different words
  • Spell and Grammar check everything
  • Try to place an original or personal perspective on the information
  • Present a balanced view of the topic
  • Create content worth bookmarking
  • Provide specific, in-depth information of value to the readers

So concentrating your efforts on producing high-quality content will produce a high-quality website that will perform well in the search engine rankings for your chosen keywords. This is an evolving approach to search engine optimisation that no longer focuses purely on link building and targeting factors highlighted by a technical SEO audit. It is still, however, important to optimise for those known factors but the focus on high-quality content is the way to organically improve your website and grow your business.

But one last point to remember is that search engines also view a site as a whole entity so just a few poor quality pages will adversely affect the site’s ranking even if there are many individual high-quality pages. So aim to enhance all of your pages but where this is not possible then consider removing the low quality pages until they can be improved, especially if there are just a few of them.