Email tracker is an extension for Gmail by Snovio that is developed with the ability to track emails. It is completely free and shows the user if the sent emails were opened and the links were clicked. Moreover, the extension shows the number of times this or that action was performed.

The extension does not put any signatures or logos in the sent emails to track the email. There are no visible links, logos, trademarks, or signatures added to the email by the email tracker. It does not request for an upgrade to a paid version as it is completely free. It can be used in preference to Yesware, Bananatag, Mixmax, and Mailtrack. However, it is important that users only have one email tracker extension enabled to prevent errors and conflict.

The Snovio email tracker displays purple icons in the Gmail and G Suite interface to notify the user about the status of their sent emails. It is designed to give users the ability to monitor the status of the emails. All emails sent by the user are tracked and their status is displayed to the user with extra data, such as delivery time and number of email opens and link attached to the message body clicks.

All the data provided by the Snovio email tracker enables users to analyze how well their emails are performing. This way, the users will be able to find out which email template is better and which one can be saved for the future if the number of times the email was opened and link clicks are high. However, if the email is not performing well, the user has the opportunity to modify it for better.

All these features is what makes Snovio email tracker a must-have for professionals in sales and marketing. In marketing and sales, monitoring emails is just as important as writing them. Snovio email tracker allows anyone to find out who was interested in their emails enough to open them. This lets them know which subject lines, offers, CTA, and designs are most attractive to their leads.