There is no doubt that running a business is a tough proposition. It requires start-up capital, a huge investment of time, good marketing sense, and a willingness to make many sacrifices in the pursuit of success. One of the major financial challenges that face any small businesses is moving into and maintaining an office space. This undertaking becomes a particular problem when that office space is in one of Australia’s largest cities, where rent is usually expensive and unattainable for many small businesses.

The Benefits of a Big City

The benefits to operating out of an office in a major city in Australia are obvious. Because the majority of Australia’s population lives in the biggest cities on the coasts, it makes sense for any business to relocate to one of these locations to take full advantage of potential customers and clientele. These larger cities also provide a rich source of networking and inter-business communication, which is part of the lifeblood of any sized business these days. But how can a small business with a tight budget afford to simply up and move to one of these city locations?

Expand Your Business Through a Virtual Office

Many businesses pay for what is commonly known as a virtual office. These office spaces are typically located in big cities like Sydney and are already furnished. Serviced offices in Sydney like this provide an ideal space for a small business to expand. In fact, many of them are already prepared with office equipment and fully-furnished offices and meeting rooms. Any business inside or outside of the city can rent these spaces at an affordable cost for as long as necessary; be it for a day, month or several years.

Establishing a virtual office like this yields the following benefits for a small business:

  • Reputation: Every small business would love a big city reputation without breaking the bank. This fully-furnished office will be known by customers and clients as a representation of the business. An office in the big city garners a level of respect that may cultivate greater business opportunities.
  • Presence: For any sized business, being able to open a city branch at an affordable cost translates to increased business size and presence. The possibilities that can result from this scenario should not be underestimated by any Australian business.
  • Efficient: Many serviced and virtual offices also offer reception services by which phones are answered by professional staff on your company’s behalf. As a busy small outfit, can you imagine how this would relieve a large burden from existing staff members? Not only would reception services present a friendly and professional face to potential customers and clients, but these services would also allow existing staff to focus on other aspects of running the business.

Whether a virtual office is required for a single meeting with a big client or for a longer term as new branches are established in different areas, a fully furnished office space is the ideal solution for a growing small business.